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Although we make recommendation on reading, viewing, and listening materials we do not endorse ALL materials by any one group, organization, or individual. Nor do we endorse every word or idea expressed in these materials, but we believe there is an overall value to them for spiritual growth and knowledge. We believe that Elohim's people, led by His Spirit, are mature enough to glean the good and weed out the error in anything made available here, and mature enough to open our mind to learn new things and discard errors that we sometimes hold on to so dogmatically.

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"The Star That Astonished The World" by Ernest L. Martin

The Star of Bethlehem

An interesting approach to determining the birth of Christ, many other books have come out on the subject, but as far as we know Martin's book was the original on this topic, well worth reading to get a better understanding of how God's glory is declared by looking to the heavens.

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"Secrets Of Golgotha" by Ernest L. Martin

The Lost History of Jesus' Crucifixion

Of all the theories we've seen on the place of the crucifixion, we believe Martin makes the strongest argument, well worth the time. His take on the geography of Jerusalem tied in with the scriptural and historical accounts are compelling.

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"Pagan Christianity" by Frank Viola

The Origins of our Modern Church Practices

Viola has written an easy to read, concise work on the origins of  most mainline churches practices. You will be shocked at how much of what has come to be accepted as standard church practice actually has little or nothing to do with a scriptural approach to "church". A must for all who are not afraid to face the truth.

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"The Great Falling Away" by Don Esposito

Deceptions within God's Church

Don's book is a great primer for those who have every wondered about the state of our modern ordained churches and why the operate as they do today. There are many things that mainline churches fail to teach their flock.

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"The Passion of the Christ" [R]

The 2004 film directed by Mel Gibson

Strip away some of the catholic overtones and the depictions of a long haired Jesus carrying a traditional cross, and the excessive scourging, and you have one of the most realistic portrayals of the crucifixion. Set in the languages of the time (Hebrew, Latin, Aramaic) and with a much improved and realistic period wardrobe then previous movies on the topic, this movie can make you feel you are transported back in time.